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A Thrill of Hope - Pt. 2

December 10, 2017 - Listen

Chaos of Abundance - God wants us to have true freedom from sin, not just forgiveness of sin. Are you enjoying your eternal life today?

A Thrill of Hope - Pt. 1

December 3, 2017 - Watch - Listen

Through the story of Zechariah, Pastor Brad shares the true hope of believing in God's promises.

That I May Know Him - Gary Smith

November 26, 2017 - Watch - Listen

Taking the next step in our relationship with God is going from knowing about Him to truly knowing Him.

What's Your Dream?

November 19, 2017 - Listen

Never give up on a dream that God places on your heart.

Stories of Grace - Pt. 4

November 12, 2017 - Listen

Forgiveness - Through the story of Louis Zamperini, Pastor Brad shares that true forgiveness can free us from the chains that hold us.

Stories of Grace - Pt. 3

November 5, 2017 - Listen

Gift of Grace - Through the story of Jeffery Dahmer's conversion, Pastor Brad shares that God's grace is a gift for even the worst of sinners.

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12/10/17A Thrill of Hope - Pt. 2The Thrill of Hope
12/03/17A Thrill of Hope - Pt. 1The Thrill of Hope
11/26/17That I May Know Him - Gary Smith
11/19/17What's Your Dream?
11/12/17Stories of Grace - Pt. 4
11/05/17Stories of Grace - Pt. 3
10/29/17Stories of Grace - Pt. 2
10/08/17Do It Again
10/01/17Guest Speaker - Jayme Montera
09/24/17Deal or No Deal

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The Thrill of HopeThe Christmas season brings the hope of Jesus.
My Reason For FaithThe world is always trying to tell us our faith is unfounded. But in this series, Pastor Brad bring the truth of our reasons for faith in Jesus Christ.
DreamingOur dreams may seem mundane, irrelevant or even impossible, but dreaming with God is important for our faith. Pastor Brad talks about how we should dream God-sized dreams in our lives.
Embrace GraceSometimes it seems like we are powerless to change our situation. In those times, we must completely embrace the grace of Jesus Christ.
40 Days of DecreaseSometimes it's easy to do a simple fast for the Lent season. But in 40 Days of Decrease, Pastor Todd will lead us through a different kind of fast.

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